Best Fiverr Alternatives 2016

Hey Freelancers! Ever post a gig on Fiverr and get NO response? That can be so frustrating. There’s a lot of competition on Fiverr lately, and it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. There are just so many options on Fiverr for clients that it can get hard to gain traction. You can see everything from basic graphic design gigs, and writing assignments like press releases, to offers to “do your homework” and to create a “custom minecraft map.” What’s a Fiverr seller to do?

Don’t worry- there are lots of fiverr alternatives 2016 out there! Fiverr is known as a micro job marketplace. This means that it’s a place to buy and sell small or “micro” products or services for a small fee. There has been a large proliferation of these micro job marketplace sites in recent months. So many in fact, that I was weeding through them to find the best ones. Let’s check them out.

fiverr alternatives

1) Five Bucker
If you thought this sounds similar to Fiverr, you’re right! It is a marketplace that allows you to sell a product or service for $5. Clients or businesses can shop for whatever they need. Anyone can post a product description or a service and then promote on social media platforms. If Fiverr wasn’t working for you, maybe this site will.

2)5 Bux
Yet another marketplace with services or products being sold, starting at $5. Here you can charge up to $55 for your product or service. Subcategories sold here include: Graphics & Design, Video, Writing, and Online Marketing. Check it out and see if it’s right for you.

3) Task Rabbit
Task Rabbit is another place to easily make money, but with a different angle. This site is more focused on chores and errands. There are categories for moving, cleaning, shopping, and handyman work. Right now they are in 19 cities, but they also offer virtual tasks.

4) Side Duty
This marketplace allows you to sell services for a variety of prices. There is no fee for your first 100 transactions. There’s also a new lower commission for new sellers!

5) People Per Hour
This is one of the larger marketplace options– they advertise having 600,000 jobs posted! As the name suggests, jobs here are sold by the hour. There is a solid system for communicating and messaging between buyers and sellers, and this focuses on remote work.

I hope you found some helpful alternatives to using Fiverr for your gigs. Give some of these a try! It can’t hurt, and you have everything to gain. Good luck!